Conquering the Dance Call

October 4th - October 11th

Conquering the Dance Call
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An “on your feet” participation-based workshop, Conquering the Dance Call will take the singer/actor who “moves well” through the basic jazz and ballet steps that are likely to show up in most musical theatre movement or dance calls. This workshop is specifically geared toward music theater performers both new and established, and was created by Penny Ayn Maas, educator, choreographer, director & Broadway performer, with the goal of demystifying dance calls- to break it down into the essential information necessary to successfully navigate the movement portion of any audition call with style, personality, and confidence.

Many times, singers/actors who feel they are not dancers, or lacked access to the dance training that their competitors have, or who lack the confidence in their current level of dance ability, shy away from auditions that have a movement calls. This program seeks to level the playing field and give good movers and those that wish to, the chance to improve their core skill-set, tackle that next audition with confidence, and get noticed to book the job!


WHEN: Monday, October 4th + Monday, October 11th 6:30pm-8:00pm

WHERE: WaterTower Theatre

  • Class 1 (October 4th 6:30pm-8:30pm): Penny Ayn Maas will walk the class through her tips and tricks for conquering the dance call, including what to wear, audition etiquette, what the choreographer is really looking for, and then walk the class through a basic combination which will be performed at the end of class. Participants will be given their critiques with specific areas of opportunity and praise for future auditions, as well as a packet including a paper copy of the tips and tricks for auditions covered during the program.
  • Class 2 (October 11th 6:30pm-8:30pm): Penny Ayn Mass will teach the class an iconic Broadway combination: “All That Jazz” from Chicago. The class will be run like a mock dance call so that participants can apply what they learned in the first session, all while getting a great workout, and real feedback that they can learn from for the future.

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