Powerful Modern Musical

The Last Five Years

June 8 - July 1, 2018

The Last Five Years
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...an emotionally powerful and intimate modern musical about two young New Yorkers who fall in and out of love. New York Times

About the last five years

Think about where you were five years ago. Think about who you were with. Think about that idealized image you had of yourself in five years time. Now think about where you are today. Is this where you thought you’d be? The universality of this question resonates through Jason Robert Brown’s intimately observant and often funny, The Last Five Years. Through opposing intersecting chronologies, this award-winning musical follows the story of Jamie and Cathy, two 20-something artists in New York, as their relationship blossoms and sours. The beginning, the end, and everything in between is put into perspective in this touching and sympathetic tale of love, loss, and timing.

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