All My Sons

About All My Sons

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of playwright Arthur Miller's birth, WTT presents All My Sons. Set in post World War II America, this landmark drama examines relationships between fathers and sons and the price of living the "American Dream". From the backyard of a suburban neighborhood, explosive secrets threaten to tear the family apart in this deeply engaging tale of morality and human conscience while exploring the bonds of family and social responsibility. All My Sons, inspired by a true story, won two Tony Awards and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for the Best Play of 1947.


Joe Keller - Terry Martin
Kate Keller - Diana Sheehan
Chris Keller - Christopher Cassarino
Sue Bayliss - Jessica Cavanagh
George Deever - Joey Folsom
Ann Deever - Tabitha Ray
Dr. Jim Bayliss - Chris Hury
Frank Lubey - Thomas Ward
Lydia Lubey - Katlin Moon-Jones
Bert - Jude Baremore
Bert - Landon Flanagan

Creative Team

Director - David Denson
Scenic Designer - Clare DeVries
Costume Designer - Cristee Cook Dickinson
Lighting Designer - Jason Foster
Sound Designer - Christopher Ham
Properties Designer - Hannah Law
Production Stage Manager - Caron Grant
Assistant Stage Manager - Alexis Garcia