Classes & Workshops

At various times throughout the season, WTT offers masterclasses or workshops geared towards working artists interested in continuing to develop and sharpen their skills.

For more information on upcoming opportunities, please email Elizabeth Kensek, Associate Producer, at


Terry Martin + Shane Petermans Meisner Technique Class

Prepare for Performance Excellence: Enroll in WaterTower Theatre's Winter Meisner Acting Technique Class Today!

Following the triumph of our summer and fall sessions, WaterTower Theatre is continuing with a ten-week session of the Sanford Meisner Acting Technique this winter. This acclaimed, systematic method will equip actors with reliable tools and skills to confidently prepare for any performance. The class is led by WTT Producing Artistic Director Shane Peterman and distinguished Meisner teacher Terry Martin, who together bring over 40 years of teaching expertise. Their focus will be on Preparation, Personalization, and Interpretation - endowing you with the vital tools for healthy emotional investment in your work, understanding the author's intention, and making performance pieces your own. We'll cover repetition techniques, given circumstances, monologues, and scene work — all while utilizing this classic technique.

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