Women of WaterTower


The goal of Women of WaterTower Theatre is to offer members the opportunity to connect with an exciting and diverse group of women, a place to expand horizons about the arts with prestigious speakers – often women working in the arts -- held at innovative venues and a forum to help build wider community support for WaterTower Theatre.

WOW! is Co-Chaired by Nancy Brenner and Jennifer Martinez. It has a dedicated group of community volunteers responsible for developing all of the group’s activities.

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WOW! is the most unique women's group I've ever been a part of.  I LOVE it! Martha Goode

holly canterbury honorary wow! members

April Bosworth
Angie Canterbury
Liese Canterbury
Clare DeVries
Pam Dougherty
Denise Lee
Diana Sheehan
Michelle Felix

WOW! Members as of 1/10/18

Maureen T. Anderson
Gail Barth
Rosalind Benjet
Judy Birchfield
Georgene Bleuler
Sally Bos
April Bosworth
Anita Braun
Nancy Brenner
Diane Brierley
Judy Bronaugh
krista brown
Dana A. Call
Angie Canterbury
Liese Canterbury
Mary Carpenter
Mary Jo Cater
Amy L Cave
Rose Colarossi
Brenda Cuddeback
Gaytha Davis
Clare Devries
Pam Dougherty
Mrs Ornella Ellard
Darlene Ellison
Michelle Felix
Kay Fleming
Sherry Fletcher
Nelly Garcia-Suarez
Sandra Garza
Jane Goodell
Stacey Griggs
Esther Guttman
Tamara Harrison
Roxanne Hayward
Kelli Heinzerling
Joy Hendrickson
Wanda Hughes
Kelly Hulme
Jacquline Jackson
Jeanette Johnson
Betsy Kinney
Carole Klaudt
Kathleen Klaviter
Florence Krueger
Denise Lee
Patte Lee
Janeva Longacre
Georgie Madden
Donna Marino
Jennifer Martinez
Judy Mathis
Mary Anne Mayer Redmond
Georgia Mayerson
Pamela McWilliams
Kathleen A. Messina
Michelle Mew
Dawn Mickey
Lisa Mizell
Joan Nesbitt
Vicki Newsom
Camilla Norder
Betty Oliver
Karol Omlor
Linda Otoole
Wanda Parker
Maryanne Pfeffer
Corky Pledger
Pat Porter
Andrea Redmon
Karen Reynolds
Cynthia Rollow
Sue Routh
Joyce Sanders
Laura Lee Scherer
Jennifer Schlotterer
Marcia Schwall
Lorrie Semler
Diana Sheehan 
Katy Shockley
Linda Shockley
Martha Smith
Debbie Staggs
Betsyanne Tippette
Mary Ellen Todd
Ruth Trudeau
Brenda Truitt
Glynda Turner
Stephanie Vosper
Marsha Walden
Lori Ward
Sarah L. Warnecke
Shirley Warren-Hastings
Virginia Waytena
Mary Anne Wihbey-Davis
Cindy Wilcox
Carolyn Williams
Sylvia Wise