Black Pearl Sings!

About Black Pearl Sings!

During the Great depression, Susannah Mullally travels the country, recording lost traditional songs for the Library of Congress. When she encounters Pearl in a Texas prison, Susannah uncovers a treasure-trove of unrecorded slave-era music. But can Pearl hand over her ancestors' songs without giving up something of herself? Starring powerhouse performer Liz Mikel, Black Pearl Sings! is the powerful, honest, and wryly funny story of two women from radically different backgrounds and the music that unites them.


Pearl - Liz Mikel
Susannah - Diana Sheehan

Creative Team

Director - Terry Martin
Music Director - Akin Babatunde
Scenic Designer - Christopher Pickart
Costume Designer - Michael Robinson
Lighting Designer - Leann Ellis
Sound Designer - Scott Guenther
Production Stage Manager - Heidi Shen
Assistant Stage Manager - Caitlin Johnston