Lord of the Flies

About Lord of the Flies

When a group of schoolboys survives a catastrophic plane crash, what starts as a desert island adventure quickly descends into a struggle for survival in a darkly sinister world of superstition and immorality. When the group splits into opposing tribes, one that strives for civility and another that delights in savage violence, the battle escalates into a dangerous, frightening climax. Based on the groundbreaking 1954 novel, this gripping classic looks into the darker sides of human nature where it's civilization vs. savagery and the mob vs. morality.


Sam - Samuel Cress
Jack - Anthony Fortino
Perceval - Tanner Garmon
Ralph - Henry Greenberg
Piggy - Matthew Minor
Simon - Kyle Montgomery
Eric - Brandon Shreve
Roger - Mitchell Stephens
Maurice - Seth Womack

Creative Team

Director - Kelsey Leigh Ervi
Scenic Designer - Bradley Gray
Costume Designer - Sylvia Fuhrken
Lighting Designer - Dan Schoedel
Sound Designer - Kellen Voss
Properties Designer - Tish Mussey
Production Stage Manager - Caron Grant
Assistant Director - Matt Ransdell, Jr.
Assistant Stage Manager - Hillary Abbott
Assistant Costume Designer - Ryan Schaap
Dramaturg - Kyle Eric Bradford