Sexy Laundry

About Sexy Laundry

Michele Riml's hit romantic comedy comes to our main stage by popular demand following its limited sold-out run in our studio series last season. Henry and Alice, married for 25 years, try to spice up their dormant love life with a weekend in a swanky hotel room. Alice brings a copy of 'Sex for Dummies' and a willingness to try new things. Henry brings only his bad attitude. They share their fantasies, exchange recriminations, and take turns confessing the details of their personal midlife crises as the play moves from comic to serious and back to comic again. Sexy Laundry is a touching and hilarious journey that will resonate with many.


Alice - Wendy Welch
Henry - Bob Hess

Creative Team

Director - Terry Martin
Scenic Designer - Clare Devries
Lighting Designer - Bryant Yeager
Sound Designer - Kelsey Leigh Ervi
Properties Designer - Tish Mussey
Production Stage Manager - Caron Grant
Assistant Director - Diana Sheehan
Assistant Stage Manager - Hillary Abbott
Dramaturg - Kyle Eric Bradford