The Diary of Anne Frank

About The Diary of Anne Frank

The story of Anne Frank's short life is a tragic but poignant one. She was born in Germany on June 12, 1929. Her parents, Otto and Edith, came from respected German families. Otto had served as an officer in the German army during WWI, a rank reserved for the upper class. In 1933, when Anne was just 4 years old, Hitler's party came to power. Fearing for their future in Germany, Anne's parents decided to move north to the Netherlands where they believed they would be safe. During their confinement, Anne discovers herself as a beautiful, thoughtful, and extraordinary girl. Her story is a constant reminder to us all of the power of the human spirit.


Anne Frank - Molly Franco
Margot Frank - Jessica Renee Russell
Edith Frank - Emily Scott Banks
Otto Frank - Stan Graner
Peter Van Daan - Travis Tope
Mr. Van Daan - Paul Taylor
Mrs. Van Daan - Lucia Welch
Mr. Kraler - Andrew Kasten
Mr. Dussel - Ted Wold
Miep Gies - Dana Schultes
Officer - Wes Cantrell
Officer - Arvin Combs
Officer - Jacob Aaron Cullum

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Lighting Designer - Susan A. White
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Dramaturg - Robert Neblett
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