The Manic Monologues

April 19 - April 30, 2023

The Manic Monologues
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A Groundbreaking Contemporary Play


When creator Zack had his first psychotic break and was diagnosed with bipolar in May 2017, he was just finishing his PhD at Stanford University — and his world imploded. Would mental illness dictate his whole life? Would everything change? Zack was underwater, and his then-girlfriend Elisa (and future co-creator) had no way of knowing whether her happy, gregarious partner-in-crime would ever resurface. One of the hardest parts about those early days was the absence of relatable, lived experiences. Zack and Elisa decided to create a play based on true stories to disrupt the stigma around mental illness. It resulted in a series of vignettes they called The Manic Monologues. The play will have its regional premiere at WTT enhanced by movement & music for the first time to bring an immersive experience of this important piece to our theater community.

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