Full Gallop

About Full Gallop

As editor of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue magazines, and as a member of the International Cafe Society, Diana Vreeland chronicled the extraordinary people and events of her time. Full Gallop is a portrait of this remarkable woman at a turning point in her life. The one-woman play, starring Diana Sheehan and directed by Terry Martin, is set in August 1971 at Diana Vreeland’s Park Avenue apartment. She has just returned home to New York after four months in Europe --- a trip she took after being fired from Vogue magazine. She throws an impromptu dinner party in the hope that a wealthy friend who is invited will bankroll her in starting a magazine of her own. Other friends, however, attempt to persuade her to take a job at the famed Metropolitan Museum of Art. In her distinctive style, once she decides in which direction her life will move, she goes at it "full gallop.”


Diana Vreeland - Diana Sheehan
Yvonne - Ellen Locy

Creative Team

Director - Terry Martin
Scenic/Properties Designer - Terry Martin
Costume Designer - John Ahrens
Lighting Designer - Bryant Yeager
Sound Designer - Kelsey Leigh Ervi
Wig Designer - Coy Covington
Production Stage manager - Angie Turner