Hit The Wall

About Hit the Wall

Hit the Wall follows a diverse group of New Yorkers as a joyful evening at a gay nightclub, following the death of the iconic Judy Garland, is brutally interrupted by a police raid that touches off days of violent protests. Hit the Wall premiered in 2012 at Chicago's famed Steppenwolf Theatre. Hit the Wall transports audiences to the Stonewall Riots in New York's Greenwich Village on June 27-28, 1969, when a routine police raid on an underground gay hotspot became a foundational moment for the modern gay rights movement. Featuring a howling live rock band that evokes the era's proto-punk music and fast-paced, sharp dialogue, the vivid theatrical re-imagination focuses on ten unlikely revolutionaries, each claiming in turn "I was there."


Peg - Kelsey Leigh Ervi
Tano - Joshua Gonzales
Carson - Walter Lee
Cop - Gregory Lush
Roberta - Camille Monae
Newbie - Stephen Rosenberger
Mika - Rashaun SIbley
Cliff - Garret Storms
Madeline - Jacie Hood Wenzel
A-Gay - Brandon Whitlock


Composer, Guitar, Cello - Ivan Dillard
Drums, Composer - Gerard Bendiks
Bass - Lina Reyne

Creative Team

Director - Joanie Schultz
Scenic Designer - Jocelyn Girigorie
Costume Designer - Ryan Matthieu Smith
Lighting Designer - Jason Foster
Sound Designer - Kellen Voss
Properties Designer - Bradley Gray
Production Stage Manager - Caron Grant
Assistant Director - Tiffany Navarro
Assistant Stage Manager - Monika Zimmermann
Music Coordinator - Shawn Magill
Fight Choreographer - Jeff Colangelo
Sound Mixer - Mark Howard
Dramaturg - Kyle Eric Bradford