Is He Dead?

About Is He Dead?

French painter Jean Francois Millet desperately wants to marry his girlfriend Marie, but he has no money and fewer prospects. In a moment of desperation, he hatches an ingenious plot to fake his own death to drive up the price of his paintings. Yet in order to reap the rewards, he must pose as his imaginary twin sister! Written in 1898, Is He Dead? is the newly discovered Mark Twain comedy filled with mistaken identities, crazy complications and mischievous fun!


Jessica cavanagh
R Bruce Elliot
Kevin Moore
Randy Pearlman
Nancy Sherrard
Paul Taylor
Jane Willingham
Ben Bryant
Elizabeth Kaminski
Mark Shum
Shane Strawbridge

Creative Team

Director - James Paul Lemons
Scenic Designer - Clare DeVries
Lighting Designer - David Natinsky
Costume Designer - Aaron Patrick Turner