Laughter on the 23rd Floor

About Laughter on the 23rd Floor

It's 1953. Comedian Max Prince is the funniest man on television and his writers are the best in the business. But McCarthy is scaring the country with his 'reds-under-the-beds' paranoia and the network wants Max to dumb down his show so advertisers can sell more soap. As the bean-counters close in and the dear-mongering spreads, Max and his gang of writers struggle to keep joking. Based upon his days of writing for Sid Caesar, Laughter on the 23rd Floor is Neil Simon's hilarious and touching behind-the-scenes homage to the golden age of American television and the crazy writers' room known as 'the Harvard of comedy.'


Max - Brian Gonzalez
Lucas - Daniel Fredrick
Kenny - Reagan Adair
Val - John Pszyk
Brian - Erik Archilla
Milt - Brian Hathaway
Carol - Ginger Goldman
Ira - Ted Wold
Helen - Brandy McClendon

Creative Team

Director - Terry Martin
Scenic Designer - Rodney Dobbs
Costume Designer - Barbara Cox
Lighting Designer - Jeff Stover
Properties Designer - Scott Beaty
Production Stage Manager - Jayme Marrs
Assistant Stage Manager - Jen Spillane
ACTC Tech Director - Scott Guenther