Red Hot Patriot

About Red Hot Patriot

Molly Ivins is best-known for her pithy and often colorful prose, something which earned her the admiration of many and the rabid enmity of others. Born into an affluent family, she spent most of her undergrad years at Smith College, later earning a Masters Degree from Columbia University. Her journalistic career took her from the Houston Chronicle to the Texas Observer, and then on to the New York Times, where her signature, earthy language often had her at odds with her management. She later returned to Texas, where her formidable wit found an abundance of targets. She died of cancer in 2007. Red Hot Patriot, written by Margaret Engel and Allison Engel, follows Ivins’ journey, from her early battles with her authoritarian father to the one battle she was unable to win.


Molly Ivins - Georgia Clinton

Creative Team

Director - Dana Schultes
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