The Ugly One

About The Ugly One

The Ugly One, by Marius von Mayenburg, is an absurd farce about identity and human beauty. Lette discovers one day what no one has been willing to tell him: he is ugly. His face is simply not acceptable and for such a man, life is not kind. His job, his marriage, and his self-esteem are all compromised by this shortcoming. But what nature denies him, medical science provides. Attractiveness, he finds, can be bought. But what happens when his looks are a commodity? And what are the consequences of giving up his face? Marius Von Mayenburg (Moving Target, Eldorado,The Cold Child) is one of Germany’s finest writers and often writes comedy and social satire about identity and contemporary narcissism.


Lette - Montgomery Sutton
Karlmann - Jeff Swearingen
Scheffler - Ted Wold
Fanny - Natalie Young

Creative Team

Director - Terry Martin
Production STage Manager - Ash Willeby
Assistant Director - Kelsey Leigh Ervi