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Gideon's Feet as Partner for The Last Five Years

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Addison (TX)… WaterTower Theatre Artistic Director, Joanie Schultz, announced today that the “Pay It Forward with Pay What You Can” partner for WTT’s upcoming production of The Last Five Years will be local non-profit Gideon’s Feet.

In October 2017, WTT announced the “Pay It Forward with Pay What You Can” initiative in which all proceeds from PWYC previews are donated to various causes and organizations in need. The 2017-2018 Pay It Forward with Pay What You Can performances are sponsored by Holly and Tom Mayer. To date, the program has raised over $2,500 in support of Big Thought’s DaVerse Lounge, UNIDOS Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief, and The Alley Theatre. WTT is proud to add Gideon’s Feet to our growing list of PWYC recipients.

“Gideon’s Feet was founded December 12, 2011, in memory of Gideon Gonzales, lost shortly before his birth in 2010,” said founder Ashley Puckett Gonzales. “His tiny footsteps were so powerful in our lives and we want our footsteps to bring as much to others as his did to us. We had a strong support network during our time of need and we realized there are people who don’t have access to an immediate safety net when they experience a life crisis.”

Associate Artistic Director Kelsey Leigh Ervi, who is the Director of The Last Five Years said, “I have seen the impact that the work of Gideon’s Feet has had on the DFW community. They go above and beyond to provide support for artists in need, particularly after unexpected crises or tragedies. Being that The Last Five Years revolves around a relationship between 20-something artists, Gideon’s Feet was a natural choice for our PWYC beneficiary.”

For the past seven years Gideon’s Feet has raised over $65,000 for artists across the country. After starting in DFW they expanded to help artists in NYC, Los Angeles, and places in between. Gideon’s Feet has helped homeless artists get back on their feet, provided assistance with final expenses after unexpected loss, taken meals (sometimes even sent a pizza from across the country!), provided physical therapy, arranged transportation to physical therapy appointments, covered rent payment and moving expenses, found volunteers for moving, raised money for a wheelchair accessible van, helped offset medical expenses, and much more. This important work is made possible through generous contributions and support from individual and organizations alike.

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The 2017-2018 Pay It Forward with Pay What You Can series is sponsored by Holly and Tom Mayer.

PAY WHAT YOU CAN Performance details

In the Canterbury Family Main Stage at The Addison Theatre Centre

THE LAST FIVE YEARS – JUNE 10, 2018, 2pm
Ticket Prices

Pay What You Can performances are donation-based, general admission performances where patrons can pay $1 - $1 million (or more if they prefer).

How/Where to Buy Tickets

Tickets for Pay What You Can Performances will now be available in advance by phone, or in-person.

In-person: WaterTower Theatre at the Addison Theatre Centre 15650  Addison Road, Addison, TX 75001