The Foreigner

About The Foreigner

Charlie Baker is pathologically shy. To distance himself from human contact, he travels to a remote fishing lodge in rural Georgia and poses as a foreigner who can neither speak nor understand a word of English. But the plan hilariously backfires when he becomes the perfect person with whom the locals share their deepest secrets and schemes. The Foreigner is a modern comic farce complete with mistaken identities, surprising plot twists, evil villains, and innocent damsels that will have you rolling in the aisles!


Catherine - Lynn Blackburn
Betty - Deborah Brown
Owen - Russell DeGrazier
Froggy - R Bruce Elliott
Charlie - David Stroh
Ellard - Lincoln Thompson
David - Derik Webb

Creative Team

Director - James Paul lemons
Scenic Designer - Michael SUllivan
Lighting Designer - Laura McMeley
Costume designer - Michael Robinson
SOund Designer - Curtis Craig
Properties Designer - Tish Mussey
Production Stage Manager - Lindsay Anderson
Assistant Stage Manager - Ash Willeby
ACTC Tech Director - Scott Guenther